Our Customers

Laser cutting is being used for an increasing number of applications in sheet metal processing, and represents a unique quality. 

Our customers include:

  • Large Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers
  • Heavy Fabrication Shops
  • After Market Automotive Specialty Design
  • Oil Field/Drilling Rigs
  • Mining Companies
  • Sign Companies
  • State Department of Transportation
  • US Military & Government
  • Local Artists 
  • Architectural Firms - Commercial Projects
  • DIY'rs

"Wasatch Laser has been a great asset to our company. Having suppliers that go above and beyond to accommodate our requirements are ones we strive to align ourselves with and this is definitely one of those. Great people and product."

- C Martin


"Wasatch Laser has always been a reliable service with on time deliveries and excellent craftsmanship. Great people to work with, always getting the job done on time and correct.

It's been a pleasure working with Wasatch Laser over the years."

- R Nelson


"Price, service and a commitment to quality have been the standards with Wasatch Laser Processing. Don’t let the size of Wasatch Laser Processing fool you! Not only do they have top-of-the line equipment, they have a top notch staff to support it. After my first visit to the shop, I was quick to sense a level of commitment not commonly found these days with smaller metal shops in the region. RFQ’s are provided in a timely manner, lead times are typically quicker than most (especially the 11th hour rush jobs!) and the quality of delivered materials is consistent. Wasatch Laser Processing has been great to work with and I would highly recommend anyone looking for quality materials at a great price to give them an opportunity to prove that. You won’t be disappointed!"

- J Murrell