Offering What Others Cannot or Will Not Provide in Welding

Wasatch Laser Processing has reliable, credited, certified welds, of common carbon steels and stainless steel materials.  Our certifications in these areas include, (ANSI/AWS D1.1 2008) and (ANSI/AWS D1.6 2008) structural welding code ranging from .125" - 1.00" in thickness.  Our certifications are current and will be renewed on an annual basis, while only allowing such certified welder to weld under his own certifications.

WLP is willing to certify, under others and/or codes, if it deems to be beneficial and necessary.  WLP believes certification in Mig welding has many advantages to many customers, such as high quality faster welds with little loss in alloying elements.  Use of proper assist gases eliminates most impurities from such certified welds.

Offering Quality Finish Work of Welds When Required

Wasatch Laser Processing has vast and extensive experience in grinding, sanding and radius of welds.  Proper finish work is an art other shops have struggled with especially when it comes to cosmetics of paint finishes.  If finish work is not performed properly, scratches, gouges and digs will show, or bleed, through painted surfaces.  

Let us show you how exceptional welding and finish work can be done!